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Re-gifting with Joy! Say No to Guilt.


            I extended my arms. My hands trembled, so excited to give my newly found gift. A small gold box with a glittering gold bow.  

            His head arched back in laughter, His shoulders shook as his joy spilled over into mine. Finally, the wave of joy abated, and He brought his attention back to me. His eyes pierced mine, filled with mirth.

            “You delight me.” His hands cupped my face. The world melted as I received His love.

“What did you bring me, my daughter? Do you comprehend what the gift contains?”

The realization that I did not truly understand had seeped in. My cheeks turned red, at the knowledge I had been returning an object to God who had given it to me. A re-gifting of sorts. I hesitated uncertain of what to say next.

“The gift I brought you, my Savior, was taken from You. Yet, You still delight in it?”

Instantly He moved me to a memory of my daughter, which explained my own behavior. I saw my daughter search through my dresser drawers and pull out a scarf it swirled around her and she giggled, while she twirled. Grace had found a beautiful thing, and in her deep love for me she decided to give it to her mother. In her little six-year-old heart she knew I would also find it lovely. She shoved it in a bag. I didn’t even remember missing it from my drawers. Weeks must have gone by before she gave it to me for my birthday.

I faked excitement at the presentation of the “new” find. Her joyous smile and tiny hops forward to give me the gift was the best part of my whole birthday.

God delights when we find truth in His words, He delights in it being presented to Him as if it was something new.

Our excitement is the real gift to Him. With this new understanding, I asked.

“Teach me. I want to know all there is to learn about this treasure. I unwrap it, and find there’s one after another layer. Your Word continues to unveil wisdom and strength for the journey of life.”

I close my eyes in sweet assurance of His desire to do just that, teach me. My willing heart awaits His guidance. I fall asleep in my prayer room as the tears dry from my face.


Reach into Your Father’s dresser drawers and pull out His truth. Return it to Him by behaving like His scripture is the living and breathing book it is. Live out His Word in your daily life. I guarantee your Creator and Savior will delight in you. Even when you fail, He delights in your efforts, those little hops forward, are His joy.

Prayer, for you and me.

Lord Jesus, We desire to receive Your Word anew in our hearts. Light each Bible passage ever spoken over us on fire, to ignite a passion for You and Your kingdom. Do that today, Lord. We need You. Thank You, for being the living God who finds joy in giving His children gifts. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.


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