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About Me

I’m a mother of four and wife of one amazing man. I work part-time as a pediatric occupational therapist, and cook, clean, and direct domestic traffic full time. Some days I have it together, most days I flounder. Every day I need Christ to strengthen, energize, and direct me. My daily conversations with the Lord sustain me.


Most days you can find me messy, knee-deep in the beautiful chaos called life. Other days, I sneak off to write. This Christian mom blog is meant to be a breath of fresh air during times of need. Pointing to the very real, loving, and accessible Jesus Christ. 


Not Your Average Christian Mom Blog


My spiritual gifting is a seer. That simply means the Lord is so far above me, and my understanding is so dim that He speaks to me in word pictures or visions. This helps me understand the Kingdom of God. When I receive a nugget of knowledge, I’ll pass it on here in the Breath of Fresh Air blog.


There is nothing special about me that allows me to have this gift. The keys are submission to Christ and concentrated time with Him. Give Him permission to do whatever He deems best. There are no short-cuts.


It is my heart that your daily conversation with God deepens. I haven’t always had an intimate relationship with God. I didn’t know I could. It wasn’t until in my thirties when I read a book where someone described hearing from God and talking with Him. I didn’t know this was possible. Thrilled, my subsequent prayer went something like this, “I want to know You and hear from You, just like the author did.”


As my relationship with God deepened, I learned He loves us uniquely. I sought what He had for me personally. My earnest prayer became, “Whatever you want to give me, I’ll take it, no matter how weird it gets.” And soon, I was receiving visions, or word pictures.

These vision’s purposes are three-fold.

1) To clarify directives for myself and family

2) Direct messages for specific people to edify their life or their family’s lives

3) For explicit assignments for intercession


I want to let you know no matter how deep in love you are with the Lord. He has more to give. Even now, as I say this, I know He has further to go with me too. Never stop seeking. I promise you it’s worth it. One word from the Lord changes you forever.


In my Christian mom blogs, you will find simple devotions birthed from real-life reliance on Jesus in the Breath of Fresh Air. Also encouragement in your daily walk and laughter. Lots of laughter. Mostly at my frequent mom fails, which you’ll find under the category Mom Confessions.


Weird facts about me:

      1) I love to cross off items from my to-do list

Confession: I will even write something I have already done just to cross it off.

      2) I love walks. My kids think it’s for exercise and stress relief.

Confession: I do it to escape my reality and have adult conversations on the phone.

      3) I love the thrill of writing to create something from nothing.

Confession: When I write, I think it’s more for me than for my readers, maybe because I so desperately need His wisdom and discipline.

        4) I love to hear from you.

Confession: Writing is a lonely job. I’d love to hear about your life and walk with God.

Heather Roberts in sunshine
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