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You are Free

You are free

I saw a training pen for horses. Growing up in Nebraska, that was a common enough sight for me. But maybe some of you have never seen one. To train horses for saddle or to accept the bit, they will walk the horse around in a circular pen that has one portion of the gate that will open and needs a latch. The trainer needs to be quiet, patient and steady with their movements as they lead the horse around in a circle, in a sense breaking their will and teaching them submission.

In this vision, I saw a training pen for horses and the latch to the gate was closed but not locked. There was no pen in the latch securing the gate. If a horse were to lean against that gate, it would simply swing open. Why did the horse not just walk out?

The answer was simple, without me even having to ask the Lord. Because the horse thought it was trapped as it had been many times before, it assumed it could not escape, so it did not even try. The more troublesome question to ask would be why was the Lord showing me this vision?

Then no sooner had this thought entered my mind than another vision entered my mind. I saw the underneath support system of a pier. But this was no ordinary pier. The heavy logs that made up the structure were not evenly and logically placed and constructed. No, the huge log pier supports appeared haphazard. There was no rhyme or reason to the construction. I had an overwhelming feeling of almost wonderment that the entire structure didn’t fall.

As I tried to walk under the pier to get to the ocean, a feeling of imminent danger overwhelmed me. As I walked, waves crashed against me and I collided with the pier supports. I was at a loss on where to put my next foot step. I had a sense of urgency to get out to the ocean and yet I wondered how could I proceed without being hurt?

The Lord said, come out to the ocean with Me, but come out from the beach and freely walk out into the waves. Don’t try to get to the ocean via underneath the pier. The obstacles you see in front of you are dangerous you have discerned this correctly. But those obstacles are also man-made constructs of your mind. You believe those obstacles are there blocking you from reaching and interacting with me. But that is a lie.

You have free access to experience all the Lord has for you in relationship. The restraints are learned restraints that you and/or someone else has put on you. Whether we adopted them from a sense of religion or what other people feel is proper conduct, either way, they need to be pulled down. Come out onto the water with me, free flowing in communication and relationship. Don’t spend time wondering how these restraints got there just pull them down and start moving. You are free.


“So if the Son makes you free, then you are unquestionably free.” (John 8:36, AMP)

I love this scripture. I am unquestionably free. Then why do I sometimes have a hard time discerning this? And why do I put my own obstacles up, blocking me from relationship with the Lord? I’m not sure. But I intend to spend some time with the Lord to see why I do this and correct the situation.

Walk by the Spirit, Galatians 5:1, AMP

“It was for this freedom that Christ set us free [completely liberating us]; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery [which you once removed].”

I want to swing that gate wide and walk out of that pen into full freedom.

Prayer for you and me: Lord Jesus, help me get out of my own way. I don’t desire to put obstacles between You and me but, sometimes I do. Grant me discernment to see when I need to let go of things that are blocking me. Thank You, Jesus, for granting me freedom. Amen.


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