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What do I get them for Christmas presents?

What do I get them for Christmas presents?

            “Something to build upon, not step over.” God’s instant reply surprised me. If I’m honest, it rocked me to my core. He then clarified the fullness of His meaning with a vision.

            A factory conveyer belt whirred by me. It clanked as it shifted around the bend. Soon an overstuffed black garbage bag came into view and stopped right in front of me. Then something within it swelled up and junk spewed from it. I could not discern a single thing of worth. Plastic, brightly colored items without purpose continued to spew and clatter out onto the floor. A tidal wave of garbage threatened to swallow me up.

            His words came back to me, calming my heart. “Create something to build upon, not step over.”


            The junk in that over-stuffed bag wasn’t just physical trash—it was mental, emotional, and even spiritual. We cram in the mental trash of, “so-and-so gives their kids better gifts” and then spend hours of mental energy on finding the perfect Christmas present, while comparing our gifts with others on social media. We squash in emotional junk with unrealistic expectations for Christmas. Fantasies of never-ending joy in the unwrapping, and dreams of our family members getting along at all times, wade through our minds. Finally, we top off the whole heaping pile with spiritual complacency. Christ as an afterthought, if He fits into the plans already made. Reverence is lost, dumped out of the bag, or never put in.

            Even as I write this, I tear up, as I know my words point to my own unrighteous heart. But there is hope, there is a deep refreshing in the Lord. As we dump out our burdens and junk, He pours in His righteousness and order. What was once chaos He makes right. Only the Maker of the Universe can do such awesome work in us. And greater still is the knowledge that He desires to. As a good Father, He wants all of us to receive the overabundance He has to give. I for one say, “Clear the way, Jesus. Dump out my junk.”

“Create something to build upon.”

            I’m determined to create a firm foundation for my family in this Christmas season and beyond. To build memories with purpose upon the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ. In submission to God, He will organize these memories into a lasting legacy.

            I refuse to let my expectations whether realistic or unrealistic, be the taskmaster of my life. I’m going to de-throne the clutter of things this Christmas. I will not obsess about the perfect Christmas present. I’m unwavering in my resolve, but I need help. Tell me how you have de-throned junk and enthroned Jesus Christ in the glory He deserves this season and beyond.

How do you get more Christ into Christmas? Please let me know in the comments.

            Prayer for you and me:

Christ Jesus, thank You for Your guidance. Help us. We repent of whatever physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual trash we have crammed into a bag and called it good. You are faithful to forgive us. Your mercies are new every morning. Restore to us the awe of the Lord. Let Your righteousness reign in our lives this Christmas season, and always. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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