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Snap! Ouch, that Hurt, Let it Go.

Snap! Ouch, that Hurt. Let it Go

            I walked into my living room, into a common scene that had taken a decidedly large twist. If you are a parent, this a familiar game between children. Two of me stretched a large rubber band across the room. Each of me pulling as hard as possible.

            I asked the Lord, “What is this?”

            “One, you represents what you believe is the reality of life; the ‘have to’ do the chores, and tasks, and the other you is your expectations of life the ‘should-be’s’.”

            Every parent has walked in on two children doing this very thing and if you’re anything like me you say, “Stop that, you’re going to get hurt”

            You know as the parent; someone has to be the smart one and release the tension. They must set it down.

            So I asked the Lord, “What am I to do? I have to do life, people want to eat, need laundry and homework done and, and,… And I have to have some standard to live up to. What do I do?”

            “You don’t have to engage in this. I want you to set down both the ‘I musts’ and the ‘I shoulds’ before you get hurt. Seek first the kingdom of God. Let it go.”

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matt. 6:33, ESV)

            I needed to search out his righteousness. What He prescribes for my life. What He values. What He prioritizes and what He loves. To be honest, I had to sit with that one for a while and journal out all the wisdom He had for me on this. I have much to learn.

            I relayed this vision to my morning prayer group each person had a unique perspective. One felt the tension was perfectionism, another thought performance. Each woman took a moment and laid down their perspective of life and allowed God to minister to their specific misperception and need.

            I don’t know if your tension is perfectionism, performance, doubt, shame, or feelings of unworthiness. I don’t know, but God does. Lay down the tension and seek His perspective. As Your Creator, I guarantee you He knows the better way. He knows how to let it go.

Prayer for you and me:

            You love us unconditionally. There is no striving or pain in Your love for us. Teach us to submit and receive Your great wisdom. We lay down our tension at Your feet have Your way mighty, Jesus. Amen.


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