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Relationships are hard

Relationships are hard

           Mid-calf deep in water, mesmerized, I stared at the waterfall, transfixed by the crashing spray on the rocks. As I looked I noticed times of surges of water, where distinct differences in the water’s movement occurred. At the bottom of the falls, large rocks released the power of the water. Sprays of droplets filled the air, cooling the surrounding area.

            “What does this mean, Lord?”

            “As you look at the water, see the movements as a whole, one purpose to go where it’s sent. The surges are specific moves of God that ultimately die to self just as the other water does. I create people united for specific moves, according to My sovereign power. You can neither separate nor join movements of God, that is My job. Can you separate a droplet of water from the other? Would you separate out one atom from another, hydrogen from oxygen? No, not even if you could. The power is in the unity in submission to Christ. You can neither separate the surges, these movements of God, nor can you unite people according to your limited understanding and expect a blessing. Death at the rocks, releases the energy to the next movement but the decision for submission began far sooner. Release your will and design for My far greater purpose.”


 “For just as the body is one and yet has many parts, and all the parts of the body, though they are many, are one body, so also is Christ.” (1 Cor. 12:12, NASB)

Relationships are hard

          I’ve been in a time of removal of familiar relationships allowing space for new ones. That sentence sounds simple enough, but the real-life situation is anything but. Unity of the body of Christ is a great mystery. How can we be individual and unique and yet still come together under the submission of Christ for the Kingdom of God? As adults, it’s hard to connect with other people and work toward relationships.

Relationships are hard.

Letting new people into your sphere of influence is difficult. Trust is vital, but hard to obtain.

          Thank God we don’t have to do it alone. He is always present to steer us, remind us when to shut our mouths (no easy feat) and when to open them. He’s recently had me close some old relationships to venture out into the new. I’m doing okay with it but still not great. I’m stuck in a feeling of discombobulation, carefully measuring my words with my new relationships. Maybe this is one of the miracles God is performing He’s taking my old patterns of thinking and talking and forcing me to look at them and really weigh their worth in the Kingdom of God. Whatever He’s doing, I know it’s good. I also know there will be a multitude of blessings that I get to unwrap as God pulls from me my full obedience to Him. Not easy, but exciting. I’m learning to allow God to strip me of relationships in order to move me into new ones.

          How are you at starting new relationships? How are you at allowing God to move you from the familiar to the novel?

“for by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones, or dominions, or rulers, or authorities—all things have been created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him, all things hold together.” (Col. 1:16-17)

  The Lord is more than capable of directing my life. I intend to let Him, as I practice getting out of my own way.

Prayer for you and me: Christ Jesus, you are in all things, through all things, and hold all things together. You are holding us together and currently working out our circumstances for the good. Help us to immediately submit to Your promptings. Let our yes be yes and our no be no. Teach us how to be in relationship in a God-honoring way. Teach us to unite for Your common purpose and will, laying down our own shortcoming to receive Your sovereign wisdom. Thank You, Jesus’ Amen.


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