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Morsel of Glory

Morsel of glory

I lay flat on my back, thrilled with the brilliant display above. Ripples of pleasure sent shivers through me. The sparkling blue, then blue-green, dark-blue spiked with silver-shimmer floated, twirled, and streamed overhead.

I looked to the left and beings, I’m uncertain, of their identity stood on risers. These beings were extremely tall and had either pointed headdresses or I was seeing the tips of wings. I’m uncertain, but I understood the details of these creatures were irrelevant. The experience was the important lesson.

What am I seeing?

“Daughter what you see is the streams of glory that are the remnants that drift out and away from the throne room.”

Morsel of glory.

Instantly the story of the non-Jewish woman who begged Jesus to heal her child from a demon came into my mind. He told her no, and she responded by saying even the dogs eat the scraps from the master’s table. (paraphrased, see the full scripture, Matt. 15:22-28)

Why do you settle for scraps when you can experience the fullness?

I had a sudden urge to push the crowd aside and run into His presence, into the throne room, but the vision had already passed.

How many times do we settle? Not even really knowing that we are settling?

The Canaanite woman in the book of Matthew knew Jesus was all she needed, and she pushed in to receive from Him. Refusing to take no for an answer. I could learn a lot from her. In my pleasure at the exhilaration of even the smallest remnant of glory, let’s call it what it was a scrap. I didn’t think to seek more.

Understandably, I told myself because of the immense beauty I experienced—I didn’t seek more. And yet. Over the years, He has repeatedly shown me that there is no end to His generosity. So why would I not seek overabundance?

I encourage you to seek a deeper, relationship with Him. Do a better job than me and wait expectantly for His bounty to overflow. Time spent pressing in will never be wasted.

I don’t understand the fullness of His glory, but I intend to keep searching it out.

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.” (Phil. 4:19-20)

How awesome is this verse according to the riches of his glory? How deep are these riches? Can we fathom the fullness of His glory while we still walk this earth? I’m not sure. But whatever depth they reach, that is the level He will meet our needs. We mustn’t settle for a morsel of glory.

Prayer for you and me:

Lord Jesus, How great is Your love for us. Your glory is unfathomable. Teach us more of Your love. Let us see Your character. Grant us the strength to never stop seeking Your heart. Deepen our abiding spots so that we might always operate from this sacred place.

Thank You, Jesus. Amen.


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