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Hilarious mom fail, the dishwasher incident

Hilarious mom fail, the dishwasher incident

I’ve had a lot of mom fails over the years. This one started like most others with what I thought were clear instructions. Wrong. When I said, “Finish loading the dishwasher, put the soap in and push go.” I should have said, “put the dishwasher detergent in the little silver packets in and then set it to run.

My son sent the above picture to my phone while I was sitting at a wound specialist appointment for my other son. Ding. In came the text message. All I could do was laugh. My son’s question was, “Is it supposed to do that?”

“Most definitely not.”

I don’t think the Lord gets His messages to us wrong. I think we interpret them through our experiences and desires. Our mess-ups—if we’re lucky—are as easy to clean up as the soap.

Will my hilarious mom fails, keep coming? Yes, but I know God has the answer to each and every incident I get into.

Prayer for you and me:

Lord Jesus, sharpen our ears to hear from You with great discernment. Teach us to pause if instructions aren’t clear to us. Help us humble ourselves and wait in expectation of the next right step for our life. Your ways are perfect. Thank You, for always helping us to clean up our messes, and set us on the right path. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.


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