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My Testimony of Pain

My Testimony of Pain

I’ve had chronic pain ranging from level three to five for at least eight years. My jaw was dislocated so whenever I opened my mouth or ate it crunched in and out of place. I had been praying earnestly for the last three years, as my pain had been on a steady increase. It began to affect my neck and shoulders as I cringed and tightened against the pain. It shot across my face, into my eyes and up to the middle part of my head. Relentless.

Some people who only recently met me within the last five years probably didn’t even know about it. I stopped spending time mentioning the pain many years ago. I didn’t want my life to be about a testimony of pain.

And then…

I went to a Christian woman’s conference, not the regular kind. The intense 8am-10 pm kind, that had four sessions of worship and over four sessions of praying and healing break-out prayers. It was at this conference I cried out to the Lord again for relief. It sounded something like, “Why am I still in pain? What do I need to do?” To be honest, expecting a response but also not.

He replied, “Double mindedness. Confess double mindedness.”

Immediately I ran forward and grabbed the microphone and announced to the entire group I was double minded.

I wanted to have a testimony of healing, but I was clinging to my testimony of pain.

No one seemed the least bit bothered about my confessions, because it was that kind of conference. The kind where everyone there was engaged in immediate acts of obedience. So, my confession was almost expected.

I then asked, “What do I need to do?”

“Put your hands on both sides of your jaw and say God is love and truth.”

Which, just like before, I obeyed immediately.

When it was time for inner-healing prayer, I signed up. When I went down to meet with the woman, she started by asking about my childhood and, etc. I said, no worries there let’s start from the information God gave me. I relayed all the previous information to her, then she prayed a simple prayer of healing. And I felt nothing. Literally nothing. Grateful for her caring prayer, but that was it.

When I went back upstairs to worship.


I crossed the room and the pain left. It just left. I had had it for so long.


I immediately opened my mouth, and felt to see if it was just gone for a moment. No, the pain had vanished.

It has been four days since the healing at the time I wrote this and I’m still pain free and my jaw is in socket. The pain-free zone is moving down to my neck and shoulders. I’m believing that I will be entirely pain-free. Anytime I feel a twinge in my shoulder and neck, I put my hands on them and say, “God is love and truth.”

I weep as I type this.

My freedom from pain happened on Saturday at 4:00. By Monday the shock had worn off and at work I was in a state somewhere between glee while opening my mouth repeatedly, and sobbing out of gratefulness. My friend kept saying I looked like a baby bird opening its mouth.

I guess I am that baby bird opening its mouth, expecting her food the next significant move of God. I implore you to not give up on your healing. My long-suffering, healing journey was redeemed in the suddenlys.

 “Then Hezekiah and all the people rejoiced because of what God had prepared for the people, for the thing came about suddenly.” (2 Chron. 29:36, AMP)

If you read the entire chapter, you can see that God blessing them wasn’t exactly suddenly there was quite a bit of preparation and cleansing. Maybe our lives are like that too when we prepare our hearts and repent, then the Lord can move suddenly where there was no opening before. I don’t know.

When I look at my healing I see He walked me through a journey that required first repentance, then praise, and finally revelation of his scripture that where two or more are gathered in agreement then prayers for my healing were fruitful, over-abundant, over-flowing, and joy-releasing.

I’m not saying that will be your journey. I tell this testimony for hope yours and mine.

Are you waiting on a healing?

Yours or a loved one’s?

I don’t have the answers. I can only tell my testimony of pain, and hope you gain strength from my joy. 

Prayer for you and me: Lord Jesus, I know You desire for us all to be fully healed and living in freedom. Help us hear Your still small voice, and obey with eagerness. I thank You for the healing You have already done in my heart, mind and body and I thank You for the healing that you will be doing. Jesus is love and truth. Amen.


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