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Flow of Grace

     Flow of Grace

        A long-stemmed crystal-clear wineglass stood in front of a golden flowing waterfall. Only instead of water, oil flowed. I watched the glass move under the falling oil. It flowed and splashed into and up the glass. The oil climbed and clung to the sides of the goblet appearing like golden wings, each stream a feather.

        A blue fire surrounded the glass and somehow made the oil solid. I asked Him, “What is the fire?”

        “It is to refine the oil.”

        “Why can’t I just stand under the stream of anointing oil?” I understood it contained blessings and favor and very much wanted to receive all of it at once, in a giant flow of grace.

        “This is my design. I create vessels to contain the blessing and favor I pour out. The vessel is both the individual heart of my chosen and the united ecclesia. Each individual vessel is designed to walk in purity and carry the oil to the people I bless them with. I give nothing that I don’t desire you to experience both individually and in unity with other members of my body.”

        I tried to pull the fullness of this meaning into me. Even as I write this I understand the vision has more depth than I could ever convey. The mysteries of the flow of grace, I believe it will take a lifetime to comprehend even a portion of it.

        Unity is a deep mystery to seek continually. Don’t seek your own kingdom, but the Kingdom of God.


        I hope this has left you in wonder and awe of our amazing God. It has me. He has so much more to give us. We get to spend our lifetime receiving from Him in order to give to others.

        What blessing has He poured out for you with which you can bless others?

Prayer for you and me:

            Lord Jesus, Your glory is beyond our comprehension. Help us seek first the Kingdom of God so that we might receive what we are to give. We desire to receive the revelation of Your mysteries so that we might encourage others on this path. All honor goes to You the living God who brings unity into His body by His mighty power. Thank You, Jesus. Continue to reveal what You desire us to learn. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33


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