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Father, God I need you.

        Father, God I need you, was my desperate prayer. 

             “Come with Me daughter and let me show you what you are doing.”

            I place my hand in His and follow Him down the hallway. As we round the corner, I see a giant horizontal spinning wheel. The force of the air crashed into my chest. I staggered backward. Immediately, my heart lurched and my head spun. Dread settled into my gut. The ground shook. Each of the four support beams was more than ten feet across. The wheel itself moved so quickly it was almost indiscernible.

            I looked up toward Him as if to ask a question. He handed me four colorful balls. “These represent your four children. All you need to do is put your children at the correct location and time and anchor them on the wheel. This will release their destinies.

            Equip them for every trial they will ever encounter.

            Choose for them their soulmate and orchestrate the precise moment they will be born. What are their names and exact specifications?

            What is their chosen profession? Provide every circumstance to make them successful.

            How many children will they have, and what are their names?”

            My stomach dropped out. None of this is possible. I couldn’t even look at the device without becoming sick. How could I secure them to their destiny? I had no control. No ability to lead or protect them. I knew deep in my being I wasn’t designed for this purpose. 

            “Okay, Okay.” My head fell into my hands, to support the weight of my grief, as the full realization hit me, my desire to control was futile. I stood in the path of their destinies. Frozen in time I sobbed, unable to regain composure, I crumpled to the floor.  It was from here in this humbled place, I found the strength to speak.

“Father, God I need you. I’m desperate for You. What then. What is my purpose as a mother? Am I helpless?”

He tilted my head up toward Him. His eyes were full of compassion.

“No, your purpose is to lead them to Me. To demonstrate Christ’s love and to agree with My plan for their life even if it scares you. Especially if it scares you.”

Let me send a prayer out for all the mothers (including myself)

            Father, God I need You. I surrender my children and their destinies to You. You have a greater purpose. Help me to not be in the way of Your plans. Seal my heart to Yours so I never waver from Your guidance in all things, especially in my role and divine purpose as a mother. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.


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