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Empty and desperate for help

     I traveled down a dark hallway, groping for my bearings when I came upon a room lit by a single bulb illuminating a table. Surrounded in shadows, a spot-light hovers over an empty, deflated looking jug with an over-sized opening, the bottle portion shrunken. Emptiness, loneliness and helplessness overwhelmed me.

    The empty vessel seemed so useless.

    I blinked and looked again into the darkened room and saw an overfilled vessel, this time with a minuscule opening. The jug looked like a water balloon about to pop. A gorged sensation permeated me.


    “Which would you rather be? The first vessel with a wide opening, an empty pitcher ready to receive all I have to give you? Or the second, overstuffed with useless things, satiated on your own life. The things you deem worthy to spend your time on, under the belief that you have what you need to conduct your life. It’s a momentary thing to be empty and wanting. The pain you feel when you are confronted with the knowledge you aren’t enough, is temporary. You were created to need me, to operate without Me will only result in sorrow. Bring your humble heart to Me and I will fill you. The choice is yours.”


    God’s voice soothed my ragged heart. My husband and I are dealing with some rather daunting medical issues with our son. We are desperate for help. The pain is immense and leaves me leveled, struggling to do daily life. There are days I do well and rely on the Lord and pray continually, but other moments, fear steals my peace.

    In His mercy, He gave me this vision to remind me it is better to be emptied of self and reliant on Christ than to believe we are our own gods and can handle any situation.

    As I searched out the full meaning of the vision, God brought into remembrance 2 Kings 4:1-7. The story of the widow who had nothing and her sons were going to be taken from her by her creditors. The widow came to Elisha, the prophet, for help. He instructed her to gather all the empty jugs she owned and to borrow as many as she could from others in the village. She then poured what little oil she had into the empty jugs and it miraculously filled all the empty vessels. After selling the oil her debts were paid. What would have been her fate had she no empty vessels for the Lord to fill with oil?

     No one likes the feeling of having nothing the desperation can be crushing. But if you are already filled up, there is no space for Him to give you anything. You already think you have everything you need. There is no reason to seek Him for anything.

    I don’t know where you are right now. My husband and I are in a place of desperation, and strangely gratefulness. I’m learning the provision He has given is more than enough. The cross is more than enough to cover all debts. Just like that oil, the small provision the widow started with her faith, and humbleness to seek help. He expanded it to abundantly bless her, save her children and herself. I need to stand on this truth right now. My faith in Christ is well placed, He has this situation.

Desperate for help we will go into prayer.

Prayer for you and me:

    Lord Jesus, Your sacrifice on the cross is more than enough to meet all our needs and the needs of our children. It is enough to cover our entire nation and world. Help us in our emptiness. We come to you with a humble heart seeking Your wisdom. We need to feel Your shelter around us. Remind us of Your comfort and peace present in all situations. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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