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Deep Revelations of God

exploding volcano

I saw a huge volcano exploding, spewing pieces of burning rock and ash. Lava oozed out and poured down the side, filling the valley below with the golden liquid. In perfect peace, I watched the process for a moment before asking what I needed to learn. The experience should have been alarming, yet I felt no fright or desire to flee to safety.

Deep Revelations of God

“I’m never there, waiting in the explosion, or grand experience in this way I avoid the grand-standers looking for their own glory. Instead, I’m in the burning coals. I’m searching for those that seek the mysteries in their quiet times with Me. People that will take the individual coal and ponder it, turning it over to learn what is there. I change lives by tiny incremental shifts. I change lives by small and large obediences to Christ, a continual process. Then the disciples, as they learn to surrender in the small, can move to the next level.”

I blurted, “I want to become the fire consumer. Not only do I want to find, touch, hold, inspect, but to eat all the revelations You see fit to give me.”

“It’s your choice. Choose to take the time and you will receive. Did you know some walk right up and over the mountain and never see the fire, never detect a coal, and therefore never pick it up, revel in it, or eat it?”

“How can people’s eyes be so different that they can’t see what’s there or ears so dull they can’t hear Your voice?”

“I have closed the ears of some. Others don’t believe they can hear, so don’t try. The mysteries are for those who love My word, who diligently seek My guidance. If a person is full, they are full. People become full of themselves and their own good works. They are not full of the awe of the Lord that humbles them and allows them to contemplate My great mysteries and seek after My guidance. The life of surrender only comes from thankfulness and a humble and willing life and heart for the Lord.”

Saddened, I waited for further revelation.

“Deep calls to deep, but some don’t want the wake and waterfalls to crash over them. They don’t want to be broken, but they need to, to be rebuilt. Otherwise, they will stay full of their own desires.”

I looked in the Psalms to remember His scripture concerning this.

“Deep calls to deep at the [thundering] sound of Your waterfalls;

All Your breakers and Your waves have rolled over me.” (Psalm 42:7, AMP)

“Live hungry and desperate so that God might fill you, so that you can pour into others. If you are full of yourself and your own decisions, you have nothing to offer others.”


I know sometimes I’ve been so full and busy with good works that I had no hunger for the Lord. Or no awe left to seek His guidance? I wonder what I’ve missed seeing and what I’ve missed hearing. I’m not sure, but I know He is faithful to not leave me in my mess and He won’t leave you, either. I’m confident He will continue to put messages, people, and circumstances in front of us to mature our walk with Him.

“I am convinced and confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will [continue to] perfect and complete it until the day of Christ Jesus [the time of His return].” (Phil. 1:6, AMP)

Maybe we aren’t seeing and experiencing the great mysteries of the Lord daily, but I know He’s seeking to grow us every day.

Prayer for you and me: Lord, help us see and hear what You are doing so that we can participate and say yes to You. Grant us the deep revelations of God. We repent of the times we just walked right over Your mountain. Help us deepen our fear and awe of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom. We need Your life within us so that we might mature and pour out love to the people You have entrusted us with. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.

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Aug 25, 2023

Love the work from this author.

Heather Roberts
Heather Roberts
Apr 15
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thank you, 😃

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