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Alone, in a Crowded Room, Isolated from God

Alone in a crowded room

            Do you ever feel like you’re missing something?

            All alone, isolated from God and from others?

            At a women’s conference, the theme was receiving from the Lord all of His goodness, understanding and walking in His love. Whatever that means.

            Everyone around me seemed to get it. They were all receiving from the Lord. But I didn’t, it felt like something blocked me. I felt so alone in a room filled with people.

            What was wrong with me?

            I went to bed that night encouraged by the Word of God but discouraged by my brokenness.

            In the morning, in my regular prayer time, He blessed me with a vision.

            It started in futility and pain and ended with a promise and joy.


            An upside-down funnel appeared before me, darkness all around it. The small opening and tube at the top and the wide-mouth below. Rainfall pattered onto the funnel and ran down the sides. Rain, sparkles of gold, reflected as they hit the surface. Beautiful, but futile. The small hole at the top received almost no rain. The rain did not go where it was needed or intended. It streamed down the outside of the shell and puddled at the bottom. Sadness overwhelmed me.

            The funnel acted in opposition to its purpose.

“Don’t despair, daughter.”

Instantly, the funnel flipped over and the golden rain poured in.

            I found myself underneath it, my entire being responded as the liquid poured over me. Joy etched on my face. I was acting as God had designed me.

            “Daughter, you were born to receive. It is a lie from the enemy when you feel you are unable to accept what I have to give. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

            Satan pours in rejection, doubt, and helplessness, trying to ensnare whoever he may. I give out blessings, anointing, and favor to each person, individually, specifically and without reproach. 

            There is nothing you can do wrong to lose these gifts. I have ordained them before time. The only one who can reject these gifts is you. The father of lies knows this and attempts to get you to cast-off God’s blessing for your life.”

            “Can you help me?”

            “I already did, the cross is sufficient. Begin to pray and I will help you.”

            His smile reassured me, removing all doubt. I suddenly felt as if I couldn’t lose.


            Lord Jesus, your finished work on the cross is more than enough to tear down the walls I have built up to reject Your love. I give you permission to knock them down. I desire to receive all the blessings, anointing, and favor you have for me. Your purpose for my life and my children’s lives is far beyond my comprehension. Help me walk in them. I need and desire all you have to give me. I bind and refuse rejection, doubt, and the spirit of helplessness, far from my life in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.


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