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Acknowledge His Goodness

Acknowledge His Goodness

The Lord has been gently showing me to stop and look around and acknowledge Him in all things. Things that I’ve taken for granted and failed to see how blessed I am.

            I have a raised walking trail in a forest preserve directly behind my house. Above is the picture. What a personal gift for me. One I’ve been using every day but failed to acknowledge the blessing. It amazes me that I can be so blind to His presence.  

            During this transition time, back to school, the Lord has been showing me and helping me to see the importance of acknowledging our blessings.

            Things that we take for granted while another person in different circumstances would be blown away by God’s over-abundant generosity. And yet, because we have access to it frequently or even daily, we overlook the blessing. As my boys are considering colleges and we are engaged in discussions of scholarships based on the opportunities and giftings the Lord has given them this makes me keenly aware of His provision. Why have I not seen them, all along the way? It saddens me how callous my heart becomes to the beauty, majesty, and even glorious provision He pours into my life.

            I repent for this now and am thankful for Him helping me to see my error.             I am concentrating on acknowledging Him in all things. And looking for Him wherever He has placed my feet.

            Are you good at perceiving and acknowledging Him in all things?

            If so, what are your tips on growing this skill of acknowledgment?

Prayer for you and me: Lord, first, we acknowledge Your overwhelming goodness in our lives. Give us eyes to see and hearts to praise all that You have given us. Even the things that aren’t easy and come with struggle. Change our hearts, increase our humility to receive all that You have to give us. We need don’t want to miss a thing. Thank You, Jesus.


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