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Fragmented vision

Fragmented vision

I saw a beautiful sunset and then as if a shade was pulled down over my eyes and suddenly snapped back open. When I looked again, I saw the sunset was divided into millions of hexagon-shaped images. Not a single image was the same, all were fragments. The fragmented view made me nauseous. No matter how I moved my head, I couldn’t re-connect to the reality of what I knew the image had been. It felt so disheartening.

I am showing you society’s vision. Every person looks at the same image but sees something different. No unity. Completely different views and beliefs come from the exact same picture of reality.

This is not just the non-Christian who does this. Even those that call themselves Christians see a scene different from his neighbor in Christ. Each person choosing their own reality, this creates disunity.


“Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” (Amos 3:3, NIV)

            We must have only one worldview, Christ’s reality. Christ’s reality is clearly stated in the Bible, not in the church’s doctrine. If we choose to drop our old lenses of what we think is true to ask the Lord to reveal His absolute truth, we have a chance for unity. Unity in the body of Christ under His lordship.

            I think these lenses come in from both our pasts and our current circumstances. If what is happening in our life doesn’t line up with what the Bible says, we may choose to interpret what we see as truth, and the Bible as obsolete. Likewise, when our past contains disappointment and pain, we may be tempted to believe that is what God desired for us or that somehow we are the one person who God can’t reach. When each one of us as individuals in the body of Christ has a different past and present and therefore lens, it’s easy to see why I felt nauseous. There is no wonder as to why unity in the body of Christ is so difficult.

            I’m working to break down the lies I’ve let build up. Not by my own strength, but by surrendering to Christ. It hasn’t been pleasant but I think worthwhile. I don’t want to operate with fragmented vision any longer.

            Have you ever been on a mission to let go of the things that skew your reality? If you are anything like me, you might be worried you might never be done cleaning out the junk holding you back. But in His word, He says He will be faithful to carry us to completion. And this we can be confident of. He won’t leave you with fragmented vision.

“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Phil 1:6)

Prayer for you and me: Lord Jesus, help me surrender my beliefs to Your truth. I no longer desire to live under my own skewed perceptions but want to see the fullness of Your love for me. In Your word, it says that You will be faithful to take us to completion. Our job is to surrender and allow the process to happen. We trust You, Jesus. Remind us of this when we get tired and discouraged. Thank You, Jesus.


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